After months of development, Spherecalls developed a prototype that enables people to use their gadgets with proper posture, while preventing common injuries. The laptop stand can be used with a notebook, Macbook, or tablet. The product is created with 90% reused materials including portable aluminum and silicon to hold up in any location, while supporting proper wrist and neck posture. The stand was developed to keep keypads at an 18 degree typing angle, which is the proper positioning for injury prevention. In addition to preventing aches and pains, the stand effectively spares gadgets from overheating with a design that allows for cooling and airflow during use. Space efficiency is increased, as the product keeps connections accessible and in place during use.

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For Notebook, Macbook and Tablets

computer stand for tables and desks

Sturdy & Lightweight

portable aluminium and silicone

Ergonomically Designed

to support neck and wrist posture




Ergonomically Designed Laptop Overheating? Recyclable Materials

Is the angle of your laptop a pain in the neck?

Spherecalls sturdy laptop stand is ergonomically designed for greater comfort!

This stand positions the laptop keyboard and trackpad to a comfortable 18-degree typing angle and elevates the screen to a more comfortable, neck-friendly viewing height

Elegant, simple and effective


The open wedge design increases cooling and airflow around the laptop while working


Cable management keeps connections handy and accessible during use, and in place when you are out and about.


Brushed Aluminium Frame


Silicone Pads


Made of a single aluminium frame with Silicone pads to increase stability. Composed of 90% recyclable materials




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